Bring the Party

Hi, I’m Michael and if there’s one thing my Grandma Ann taught me, its that nothing brings more life to the party than fried chicken! Grandma Ann came from a family of thirteen kids in southern Tennessee. Now, they didn’t have much aside from each other’s company but coupled with a home cooked meal, the party was always there.


In today’s uncertain world my cousins Bobby, Bernice and I have learned that plans/reasons to celebrate can pop up or change just as quick as the wind blows.


That’s why we’ve created a delicious product that can be made to order and brought to your doorstep in minutes, without losing an ounce of freshness. We’ve partnered with Mobile Delivery Apps to ensure that whether it’s a party of one, an intimate night in or even if you’re feeding the whole gang, you can relax and let Michael bring the party to you. Any time rain or shine Bring the Party.

                           Michaels Fried Chicken Its Cluckin’ Delicious

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Michael's Fried Chicken is exclusively a take-out restaurant

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Michael's Fried Chicken is a Virtual Brand

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